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Mike Knowles' Vintage Motion

Services offered

Services offered
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Vintage Motion offers any kind of general repair on domestic v-8 classic (pre 1974) cars and trucks. We can do anything from a basic tune up to full tilt restorations (check out our super car builds).We specialize in performance street to full race engine builds. We also do restoration engine builds as well. With over 20 years experience in the performance and racing engine world, nobody can match the amount of power and reliability you will get from a Vintage Motion engine, at the competitive price range we offer. A Vintage Motion engine is cutting edge, using the latest technology parts that are matched to the individual customer's requirements. Unless you are spending a boat load of money with a national engine builder, you just won't get the same power you would get with a Vintage Motion engine and the precision of one of our assemblies. Also, if you are one of those guys that think a ford guy has to build a ford , or a dodge guy to build a dodge, then you will miss out on the power that we can develop because we work on all domestic v-8 engines and can incorporate ideas we learn from one engine and relate it to a different engine. Most guys that specialize in one brand are close minded and stuck with what they know, therefore leaving power on the table. At Vintage Motion we understand the strengths and weaknesses in each brand and know how to maximize the strengths and minimize the weaknesses. Thus our Motto: Motion Power-Get it or get beat by it!


427 Tripower 550 Hp- At about 2000 rpm hold on as this baby throws you into seat and just flat hauls ass. Tripower induction is the king of torque. At 10.8 compression , with cast iron heads, runs fine on pump gas. Could your engine builder do this? Probably not.

One of these could be in your car!


331 stroker (302), Gt 40 heads, 9.5 comp, runs on 87 and will snap your neck back when you hit the throttle.Talk about instant response and low end torque. This bronco will climb just about anything.

Services Offered:
  • complete engine design and build
  • performance mods existing engines
  • disc brake upgrades
  • chassis rebuild/upgrade
  • engine tuning
  • general repair/diagnosis
  • carb tuning/rebuild
  • Install new wiring harness
  • welding/minor fabrication


Vintage Motion is an experienced exporter. If you are overseas and would like to buy one of our cars, or need a buyers agent for another car, we will have it professionally installed and tied down in a shipping crate as well as supply all necessary paperwork for shipping to your destination worldwide. References available so you can buy with confidence. We also can help you with locating any specific car whether it be ours or not and in any condition, then arrange the shipping for you.

Vintage Motion offers a comphrehensive inspection service If you are buying a car and need a reliable check done on it, we will give it a full inspection with a written report on the results.We inspect all underpinings, body, interior , and drivetrain. We get as thorough as you can without disassembling the car. Please make sure the owner is ok with the inspection process(2-3 hours) plus the need to put the car up into the air to get under it.Some owners are leary, although this can be a sign of trying to hide defects as well. The inspection runs $150.00 plus mileage, if any.


This corvette has a new happy home in New Zealand.