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Vintage Motion offers a full line of services for your classic car - engine builds-from stock to performance street to full race, tune ups, carb adjustments, any and all performance updates to existing engines, disc brake conversions, wiring harness installation, chassis rebuilds,  and much more. All performance mods whether basic to intense are custom-designed to your requirements. 

Why risk your classic by taking it to a shop that has no training to work on cars from another generation?  Those shops are well-known for taking shortcuts to get the everyday person on the road quicker, and most wouldn't know a carburetor if they saw one.  Vintage Motion will spend the time necessary to do the job right the first time.  We have years of experience and share your love of these timeless machines. 


We specialize in custom street or race engines
Our motto is : Motion Power, Get it or get beat by it!




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