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Vintage Motion Super Car

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Vintage Motion Super Car
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Think back to the late 60's, early 70's when the Super Car builders such as Yenko, Baldwin/Motion, Dana, and others took a mid-size muscle car off the line and stuffed in the hottest big block of the time and unleashed the baddest muscle cars of all time. Vintage Motion brings back that same ideal with just enough modern updates to make today's enthusiast's hair curl and still be fun and safe to drive. . .

All Vintage Motion Super Cars are built with classic Big Block V-8 power, custom built to your specifications - no boring crate motors here. 4 speed manual trans are standard. Suspensions are redone stock style, but with the right aftermarket  components to enhance handling and traction . 4 wheel disc brakes are incorporated so you can actually stop. Interiors are redone basically stock with possible gauge upgrades depending on model. We then cap it off with a modern base/clear coat paint to last, done to whatever color you wish with any stock style striping design. The idea is to make the car look as close to stock, or as if it could be stock, as possible with just enough modern influence to make it the ride of your life.

First Generation Camaro Super Cars Start at $49,995 plus core body in reasonable condition.
All Super cars receive full restoration, panel replacement where necessary, rewire, new interior, etc. Nothing on the car is left alone.  All parts are refurbished or replaced. Camaros are equipped with a 427 big block engine, Muncie 4 speed trans, 12 bolt rear end with posi and gear ratio of your choice, 4 wheel disc brakes, suspension rebuild and upgrade with Global West  components, and paint color of your choice. Full restoration on vehicles usually takes 18 to 24 months.  A deposit is required, and monthly payments are necessary to cover services as rendered throughout the restoration.  All work is documented with pictures as work is completed.  This ensures that you know what is happening from start to finish.  Vintage Motion does much of the work in-house; however some facets of the restoration, such as paint, most of the bodywork, and final interior stitching are contracted through Vintage Motion-approved vendors.   Vintage Motion handles all transportation so you are freed from the hassle of lining up these services individually. As an option, you can choose your own vendors for these contracted services as well. Due to the nature of custom work, upfront pricing cannot be guaranteed, although we can give you an estimate based on our experience.  For further details on Vintage Motion policies, please contact us. 

Our base 427 is built similiar to the classic L72 of the late 60's. It has 10-1 compression, cast iron square ports, Comp cams nostalgia plus solid lifter cam, Edelbrock RPM intake and 750 carb. This engine is nominally rated at 425HP.
Our modern high tech 427 is built with a custom 9-1 compression, custom hydraulic roller cam shaft; aluminum oval port cylinder heads; and Edlebrock RPM intake and 750 carb.  This engine is meticulously machined for super-tight clearances to maintain maximum efficiency and will run on 87 octane gas and still make 400+ horsepower.
We also offer, for those looking for stupid-crazy street horsepower, an all aluminum 540 cubic inch engine, custom-built to the horsepower level of your desire.  If that isn't enough, call us - we can build something bigger.

Vintage Motion Super Cars are available with many other options such as air conditioning, Wilwood brake upgrades, Tripower or dual carb intake systems, 5 speed transmissions, custom audio systems, and anything else you can dream up. 

Vintage Motion Super Cars can also be built on any other brand of car based on the same basic formula:  mid-size car, big block power.  Got a Dodge Challenger?  We'll custom build a 426 Hemi with a 5-speed and a Dana 60 behind it.  Ford Mustang? You'll get a 428 SuperCobra Jet like you've never seen!  We invite questions about any other make.